Rant and Future Plans… Very Important!

Path To Online Wealth

Hi there,

Rosina here from the High Desert in Southern California.

You know what I hate about all those newsletters I get (and I get tons of them)?

Very few of them give you anything you can really use. They are just a bunch of theoretical “value” that you can’t do anything with and then a link or “call to action” that goes to a page to get you to buy something which may or may not have anything directly to do with the content. Most of them are just sales letters really even if the author claims to be all about giving you something of value in their newsletter. Or worse yet, they are just an advertisement to get you to buy the supposedly next latest and greatest thing and then the next one and then the next one.

There are a few exceptions and those newsletters I look forward to. But most of them, even if they start out being truly valuable that I can learn from, quickly turn into sales letters and then I just file them away automatically with a filter and hardly ever look at them.  And the ones that are just advertisements… well those, I generally just unsubscribe from.

And I’ve been hating that I’ve been doing that too, because that’s what everybody says you’re supposed to do.

Well I’m sick of it! I don’t want to be like all those other newsletters and not truly be helping my readers.  I want a newsletter that reflects what I’m really about.

I called this newsletter and my website the Path To Online Wealth for a reason! Because I want to teach people how to achieve success and become wealthy through the online world.

I want to show people step by step exactly how they can achieve success, not give them some vague theoretical stuff. Sure that stuff can help them and it may have helped the person talking about it, but if people don’t know how to put it all together they won’t be successful themselves. So I want to show them exactly how. My plan is to create courses that lead people step by step through the process and helps them become successful exactly as I am doing it.

So from now on, my newsletter will reflect that. In my newsletter I will teach you how to do things step by step. And how to put it all together to actually make it work. Eventually I will take what I am writing in the newsletters and form it into courses. 

Since my newsletter won’t always go out to everyone at the same stage, I am going to write to people at different stages at different times. Sometimes the newsletter will be aimed at the very beginners, other times at the more advanced, so don’t expect to be able to use everything every single time, but I will try to put some framework in the newsletters so that you can tell what stage of people it is for.

I hope that you will look forward to my newsletters and read them eagerly and most of all take what I teach and apply it to your own business and find your own success by following the Path To Online Wealth.

To your success!


P.S. As you can tell, one of the things I started with is redesigning the newsletter header. Please reply and tell me if you like the new design or if you preferred the old one or if you think there’s something else I should do. I look forward to hearing from you. Also tell me what you think about my plans, does it sound like something you will look forward to?

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