What To Do and What NOT To Do

Things You Can Do With All Of These Sources

Summarize the Content
Make a “X ways to <topic>”
Make a “X Steps to <topic>”
Create a checklist for <topic>
Make an audio version of the content (PLR)
Make a video version of the content (PLR)
Rewrite the content using multiple sources as your foundation or in the case of PLR, you might want to use one source, but rewrite every part of it
Make an audio version of your rewritten content
Make a video version of your rewritten content

What NOT To Do

Don’t ever use content written by someone else, exactly as is, even PLR (see special notes about PLR below)… this is plagiarism and can get you in real trouble (well except PLR, you have rights to use that as is, but still don’t do it – see special notes about PLR below).

But … Doesn’t Creation Take Forever?

Not really, and the more practice you have at it, the faster it will go.

Some things you can do in an hour or even less.

Remember you’re not starting with a blank slate, you’ve got something to work from, you’ve got content to work with.

Special Notes About PLR

PLR is marketed as something you can take, put your name on, and publish exactly, as is, right!?!

Here’s the thing…

You don’t want to use PLR just exactly as it is.

It’s marketed as something you can just put your name on and publish, but you don’t want to do that…

Much of it is junk … though there can be some hidden gems even in the junk.

So, first, you don’t want to become known as the person who produces junk.

And even if it’s good quality, if everyone goes out there and claims authorship of the exact same content, what’s going to happen…?

People are going to start to notice and know that you didn’t actually write it.

So, second, you want to be a real producer, not a copycat.

And, third, you will lose trust and it’ll be hard to get back (if possible at all since that stuff is out there forever and it will be found even if you try to delete it).

If you want to create something to publish from PLR, at the very least rewrite every part of it!

Use it to make your own stuff!

Pick up some PLR about keto diets for example and make your own stuff about dieting the keto way.

You can use it as a basis.

You can use it for ideas.

You can even use good PLR for structure.

You can take the good things you learn from several PLRs and put them together to make your own unique products.

If you really want to take PLR and use it as is, really use it as is. Keep the original author’s name and give him/her credit. You can spruce it up, but keep them as the author.

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