Summary of XYZ

Why Create A Summary

You see, people are really lazy! (or busy, or lots of other excuses)

Most people who buy ebooks or courses or video series, never, ever go through them.

In fact, I’ve heard that 80 to 90% of all courses purchased are never finished and something like 70% of people never even log in.

Have you ever been guilty of either of those?

I know, I have 😽… Though I do try to get through everything, I don’t always succeed, and I know there are some upsells and order bumps I never did get to.

So people will JUMP on the chance to get it summarized for them.

How To Create A Summary

A summary is really easy to create.

Just take some notes as you are going through a course or video or ebook or PLR content or etc. Or make some notes on all you’ve learned about a topic.

Be sure to keep it short! This isn’t an ebook, this is just a summary.

So, once you have your notes, take them and write them into a few paragraphs. Keep it to one page! Remember again this isn’t an ebook. Don’t explain everything, just write the highlights.

And remember this is a marketing tool, especially if you are giving it away as a lead magnet, but even if you are giving it away as a bonus.

So make sure to generate curiosity for the thing you’re going to be promoting to them, whether it be the thing you’re doing the summary of, or another related product. Get them interested in what else you have.

It takes practice so do lots of them. And don’t be a perfectionist. Your first ones won’t be perfect, but use them anyway!

The Technical Details

The devil is in the details!

How do you take your wonderful summary and turn it into something you can use?

In the topics for this lesson, I’ve taken you through step by step how to do it from scratch in several different tools with samples and, where possible, a template you can use.

You can pick up additional templates in our shop (or depending on your membership level, you might have access to them already). If you want to contribute additional templates to our template pack, check out our contributor options!

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