Step By Step Guide or X Steps To Y

Why Create A Summary

Once again, people are really lazy! (or busy, or lots of other excuses)

People don’t want to be bothered to read it for themselves and figure out what to do. They’d rather be told what to do.

And this is the perfect opportunity for you!

How To Create A Step By Step Guide

A step by step guide is really easy to create.

Take some PLR or course or video or whatever and write down in your own words, the steps the author recommends.

Or come up with a few steps to do something from your own experience. Often things you consider simple and routine are totally confusing to other people who haven’t done it as much. The perfect opportunity for you: make a step by step guide on how to do that thing!

Give it a title like “X Steps to Y” or “X Steps to <benefit or result they will get from doing it>”

Don’t be a perfectionist. Your first ones won’t be perfect, but use them anyway!

The Technical Details

The devil is in the details!

How do you take the wonderful steps you’ve come up with and turn it into something you can use?

In the topics for this lesson, I’ve taken you through step by step how to do it from scratch in several different tools with samples and, where possible, a template you can use.

Want to know how to do it in another builder or have templates for another builder? Send us a support request!

You can pick up additional templates in our shop (or depending on your membership level, you may have access to them already). If you want to contribute additional templates to our template pack, check out our contributor options!

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