A Video Version Of Your Content

Why Create A Video

People will pay a lot for content in a different form. They might pay $19 for a book, but then pay $47 for the audio version and $97 for th video version.

It does take more work to create a video, but some of the tools we present here will make it much easier.

How To Create A Video

When creating a video, you don’t want to just read the content like you can with an audio version and be a talking head on the screen… people will get bored with that. You want to break it up and make it interesting.

The simplest way to do that is to go through your content and make slides for each part of it. Then you can read the content with the slides going along with it bringing out the important points along the way.

You can also write a script based on the content and present that instead of just reading the content. There tools and techniques to create scripts quite easily.

There are also tools you can use to make an animated slide show to go along with your content.

And if you don’t want to be the voice on the video, there are even tools that use AI to create very human sounding voices..

Give it a cool title, based on the content it’s presenting and publish!

Don’t be a perfectionist. Your first ones won’t be perfect, but use them anyway!

The Technical Details

The devil is in the details!

How do you take the wonderful steps you’ve come up with and turn it into something you can use?

In the topics for this lesson, I’ve taken you through step by step how to do it from scratch in several different tools with samples and, where possible, a template you can use.

Want to know how to do it in another builder or have templates for another builder? Send us a support request!

You can pick up additional templates in our shop (or depending on your membership level, you may already have access to them). If you want to contribute additional templates to our template pack, check out our contributor options!

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