A Report

Why Create A Checklist

A report is a mid-length form of content. It’s longer than a one page summary or checklist, but shorter than an e-book. Generally reports will be between 2 and 15 pages or so.

You can write a report based on one source of content, in which case it is usually a longer form summary of the content.

Or you can write a report bringing together several pieces of content, perhaps comparing and contrasting them, discussing their pros and cons, showing the different perspectives on the same ideas, or putting together a basic plan of action based on what you learned from those pieces of content or your own knowledge.

Or it could even make pictures or graphs of the data in the content.

So people will love to have a report handed to them so they can get a quick overview of something.

Another perfect opportunity for you!

How To Create A Report

A report is really easy to create, but it does take longer than the shorter 1-page items. Longer content = more time.

Take your source(s) or own experience with something and write about it. Be sure not to explain everything in depth, that’s for the long-form items. Give an overview. Break it up into sections so that it’s easy to read. Use bulleted lists or numbered lists and other formatting helps to make it easy to read and see what is important.

If doing a compare and contrast or pros and cons, etc. Use a table or other format that makes it easy to discover the points.

Give it a cool title like “Finding the Best Way To <topic, benefit or result>” or something like that that fits with your subject and presentation, and publish!

Don’t be a perfectionist. Your first ones won’t be perfect, but use them anyway!

The Technical Details

The devil is in the details!

How do you take the wonderful steps you’ve come up with and turn it into something you can use?

In the topics for this lesson, I’ve taken you through step by step how to do it from scratch in several different tools with samples and, where possible, a template you can use.

Want to know how to do it in another builder or have templates for another builder? Send us a support request!

You can pick up additional templates in our shop (or depending on your membership level, you may already have access to them). If you want to contribute additional templates to our template pack, check out our contributor options!

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