A Course From Your Content

Why Create A Course

Courses can be any length, but they are generally longer form content broken up into lessons and topics with perhaps quizzes and/or assignments.

They can be in a video format (the big thing right now) or written form.

It generally takes longer to create a course than any of the other content we’ve discussed so far.

You can use writing tools too help you put together the structure, content and even the scripts for a video course. There are tools that can even help generate the videos.

It’s another perfect opportunity for you!

How To Create A Coursee

It is easy to create an course based on other sources, but once again, longer content = more time.

Russell Brunson speaks of himself as a Curator. And this is what you are doing when you make a course (or truthfully, any of the previous items) from a set of other content – you are curating the information from the content and your experience and presenting it to others in your own unique way that will help them.

So, take your source(s) or own experience with something and put it together, adding in your own insights, to share with the world.

Sometimes it’s helpful to use the structure of some PLR source as a framework to write your own within.  Don’t follow it exactly, but you can use it as a guide.

This is where you explain things more in depth, though you should also create curiosity and desire for your even higher end products (and be sure to add your links too those).

Make sure your content is easy too read and break things into lessons and topics, use bulleted and numbered lists, etc. as appropriate.

Give it a cool title, make sure you have a good looking cover and layout and publish!

Don’t be a perfectionist. Your first ones won’t be perfect, but use them anyway!

The Technical Details

The devil is in the details!

How do you take the wonderful steps you’ve come up with and turn it into something you can use?

In the topics for this lesson, I’ve taken you through step by step how to do it from scratch in several different tools with samples and, where possible, a template you can use.

Want to know how to do it in another builder or have templates for another builder? Send us a support request!

You can pick up additional templates in our shop (or depending on your membership level, you may already have access to them). If you want to contribute additional templates to our template pack, check out our contributor options!

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